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YouTube Music has once again updated its music streaming service, this time adding a unique feature known as “Cry,” a new mood filter. This innovative feature is part of a broader launch that includes four other mood filters: Party, Romance, Feel Good, and Sleep, joining the existing categories of Workout, Focus, Relax, Commute, and Energize.

Exploring YouTube Music’s Mood Filters

By selecting one of the mood filters, users can access a list of music choices tailored to their selected mood. These options may include titles such as “Mix for You,” “Listen Again,” and “From Your Library.”

However, what stands out the most is the “Cry” mood filter. This isn’t just about tears of joy; it’s a curated playlist of songs guaranteed to touch the hearts and emotions of users.

YouTube Music’s algorithms support this feature, ensuring that what might make some people cry could bore or even irritate others.

YouTube Music’s Emotional Engagement

According to Gizmochina, YouTube Music seems keen on engaging listeners beyond merely providing background music or sports anthems. By incorporating mood into its music algorithms, YouTube Music appears to be tapping into the emotional side of its user base. While it may sound unusual, that’s precisely what’s happening.

Whether you’re in the mood for shedding a few tears or hosting an impromptu dance party in your living room, this feature can be quite helpful.

However, it’s worth noting that this new filter is still in testing on some mobile devices, and it’s unclear when it will be widely available.


YouTube Music’s introduction of mood filters, including the “Cry” filter, adds an interesting and emotional dimension to the music streaming experience. By offering playlists and songs tailored to different moods and emotions, YouTube Music aims to connect with users on a deeper level. 

This innovation provides users with a unique way to discover music that resonates with their current emotional state, whether it’s for a good cry or a dance-off. While the availability of the new filter may be limited initially, it’s a promising development for those seeking a more personalized and emotionally engaging music experience on the platform.

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