Parents of gamers. Kids these days love gaming – whether it’s on phones, consoles, tablets, or computers. There’s good stuff about gaming, like boosting hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. But, there are some not-so-great things too, like getting addicted or dealing with online bullying. Did you know that around 12% of young people in the UK face online bullying? That’s what the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) says.

The Challenge for Parents

Rachael, a mom from London, has a 16-year-old son who’s super into gaming, especially since he has ADHD. When he started gaming at 11, things got rough. He’d get really mad and lash out when things didn’t go his way in the game. “It became terrible,” Rachael says. “He’d throw stuff or hit things when he got frustrated.” Gaming related to sports? “That made things worse,” she adds. “Boys go crazy for it, and it can get costly if they start buying stuff in the game.”

The Online Gaming Scene

Did you know games often have chat functions? That means players can talk to each other while playing. But here’s the catch: sometimes, these chats aren’t all friendly. UKSIC says online bullying can happen in games too, just like on social media. It could be mean comments or picking on other players. Luckily, most games have ways to report or block bullies.

Dealing with the Situation

Rachael found it tough to handle her son’s gaming obsession and how it affected him. But she figured out some tricks. They put limits on gaming time by moving the PlayStation to their bedroom. Rachael also realized her son was playing with people she didn’t know, so she kept an eye on that. She also had heart-to-heart talks with him, trying to understand his frustrations and anger. “We worked through it eventually,” she says.

What Can You Do?

If you’re dealing with a similar situation, UKSIC suggests talking to your child about why they love gaming. Focus on the good things about gaming in moderation instead of just seeing it as a bad habit. Did you know that gaming can teach important skills like concentration and teamwork? It’s not all bad!

Getting in the Know

If you’re not a gaming pro, don’t worry! UKSIC’s website has heaps of info about games and consoles like Roblox and Nintendo. Understanding this stuff helps when talking to your kids about their games. You can also ask your internet provider about ways to make gaming safer, like using Wi-Fi controls or parental settings.

Safer Gaming with EE

Hey, if you’re looking for ways to make gaming safer for your kids, EE’s got your back. Their GameSmart website reviews loads of popular games and rates them, so you know if they’re suitable for your children.

Tech Solutions to the Rescue

EE’s got some cool tech to help too! You can use their Wi-Fi controls to pause the internet at specific times, like bedtime or when the screens need a break. Content filters and extra parental controls? Server Thailand. Yep, they got those too. And hey, they’ve got this thing called ‘Game Mode’ in their app. It helps optimize gaming by preventing lags and making sure things run smoothly. Plus, they’ve got a Wi-Fi enhancer that prioritizes gaming traffic. Cool, right?

Wrapping Up

Gaming is fun, but safety matters. Talk to your kids about their gaming, understand what they love about it, and set some limits. Don’t stress if you’re not a gaming expert – there are plenty of resources out there to help. And with tech tools like EE’s, you can make gaming a safer and enjoyable experience for your kids.

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