The Beijing Internet Court has affirmed its dedication to fostering the healthful improvement of digital technologies and enhancing copyright protection in the era of the digital economy. This commitment was outlined in a legal guideline released by the court, aimed at promoting the high-quality development of the capital city.

Balancing Digital Innovation and Regulation

The guideline encourages the application of digital technologies in internet platform services and data management, but also emphasizes that the court will exercise oversight to prevent their misuse for consumer rights violations and market disruption. The courtroom docket intends to strike a stability among encouraging innovation and making sure accountable use.

Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation

The guideline underscores the importance of safeguarding intellectual property, especially in the context of emerging technologies and industries. It outlines provisions for promoting innovation and the application of new technologies while providing a framework for addressing disputes related to data ownership and intellectual property rights.

Protection of Virtual Properties and Personal Data

To address the unique challenges of the digital age, the court emphasizes the need to protect virtual properties found in online games, communities, and accounts. Furthermore, the court pledges to address disputes related to data ownership promptly to safeguard personal information.

Supporting Beijing’s Tech Innovation Center

Zhao Ruigang, Vice-President of the court, highlighted that the guideline aims to accelerate Beijing’s transformation into an international science and technology innovation hub. The goal is to position the city as a model for navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the global digital economy.

Equal Protection and Juvenile Safety

The guideline affirms the court’s commitment to equal protection for all entities in the market. It also places a strong emphasis on safeguarding younger internet users, urging online service providers to enhance their protective measures for juveniles in the online space.

Established in 2018, the Beijing Internet Court specializes in handling internet-related legal cases, reflecting the growing importance of addressing digital challenges and opportunities within the legal framework.

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